Kloe and her red ball

Kloe loves to be outside and loves her red ball.  Although we’ve had a little rain until today the weather has been very mild for Fall with temps in the mid-seventies. Kloe’s taken advantage of this and spends a good part of her day outside although I don’t think the cold or rain would slow her down much.

She’s very attached to this red ball and carries it with her most of the day.  Inside the house as we are going about our business she’ll drop it at our feet and look up at us and with her eyes as if to say, “you know what to do – throw it”.

Although Kloe loves to chase and catch the ball when we’re outside she hasn’t yet got the full hang of dropping it on demand, instead playing coy and bringing it to us and then turning her head coyly away as if to say, “try to get it”.  She eventually drops or we take it, we throw it, and she is off to the races.  Our other pups, including Kali, have had little to no interest in chasing a ball so this is not only a lot of fun for Kloe for a lot of fun for us!

Kloe’s also learned that if she is on an incline she can drop the ball and it rolls away and then she chases after it.  So she plays fetch by herself which is pretty cool.

But mostly Kloe loves to hang outside and wait for us to come out and throw the ball.  It takes her a little while to poop out but eventually she does.


Thought bubble:  “I love to chase this red ball but I also like to play keep away in between throws”.



Thought bubble:  “OK, I’m a little tuckered out, maybe I’ll just rest here in the shade for a bit.


“I guess I was more tired than I thought.  I’ll just lay here and drink my water”

You might wonder what Kali is up to during all this ball throwing, fetching play time, and unconventional water drinking.  Well, mostly a lot of this.


Kali’s thought bubble:  “Zzzzzz”


Try offering her the ball (to take in her mouth) and, if successful, offer her a treat and take the ball back. Repeat as necessary! Once she associates you getting the ball with her getting treats, I would expect her to gladly drop it at your feet! It worked with Ray! 🙂

There’s a dog trainer I follow on You Tube that I have a lot of respect for. I’ve deployed many of his methods with great success. My instincts were to do as you say – and I know it worked with Ray – to offer a bit of food in return for the ball. This particular trainer suggests not doing that as the reward should be the play and not the food. Just another perspective. Having said that I may give the trade of of food for ball a try…

I believe you saw an earlier video of Ray playing? Given that he didn’t know how to play when he moved in with us, it was much easier to teach him basic Fetch (which he only recently grasped). His “play” is developed during his run to get the ball and return it for his treat! Also keep in mind that dogs apparently see colors very differently from us. Their range is heavily yellow based so if you want to get a dog’s attention, use a bright yellow “target”. That too worked with Ray! 🙂

Bing! and I regularly, if not daily, toss the ball for a good 15 minutes or more. We use a cool tool called a Chuck-it. It’s his favorite past time and will remind me that it’s time by bringing the ball to me and dropping it at my feet sometime after his breakfast. He hates the rain but will choose to ignore it if play is involved. The one thing I will caution you on is the wear upon their teeth. A tennis ball collects all kinds of grit and over time it will grind down their teeth. Bing’s incisors are have the length they once were along with other teeth as well. A smooth rubber ball is the better choice. We first started out playing tug-o-war with sticks, and then tossing the stick. That turned in our first games of fetch, some how Bing! decided the games was better with a ball and has kept it as his preference, I can still get his attention with a stick tho…

Thanks for your comment; glad to know you and Bing! enjoy the toss and fetch. Yeah, we don’t use tennis balls either – Kloe just wants to pick off all the green and yellow fur. We use rubber balls mostly. We have a really cool one that lights up and flashes when Kloe bites down on it. Take care.

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