Kloe, Sticks, and Balls


Kloe loves sticks!  The bigger the better.  It still makes me laugh out loud to see her emerge from a dense part of the back yard with a stick almost as long as her.  She seems to take great joy after a storm or very windy day when new branches and sticks have fallen from the trees around the Golden K.

Here in this brief video Kloe “gets to work”.

Shortly after she proudly displays the fruit of her labor having reduced the giant stick to tooth picks.  “Look dad, I made kindling”.



But above all Kloe loves balls and playing the game we call “drop ball”.  It’s our name for fetch because she usually has to be prompted to drop the ball.  So if we really want her to get in a good workout we use two balls.  As she returns from catching one ball the other is in our hand.  She’ll drop the one in her mouth and we immediately throw the second ball.  At 22 months and 80 pounds of pure muscle she can do 30 or 40 reps in a row without blinking an eye.

“Drop Ball”


And this is how we know it was a great game of Drop Ball as she finally lays down exhausted for a nap ( of course with the ball in her mouth!)img_4028-e1517175221247.jpg

Play Ball!

The regular season of Major League Baseball ends this Sunday and moves into the playoffs.  My San Francisco Giants had one of the worst seasons in the Clubs 100+ years history.  But even in the down years baseball is never very far from my heart.   And any ball is never very far from Kloe’s mouth.

I always wanted a dog that would fetch.  One that would chase the ball down with the passion of Willie Mays making an over the shoulder catch in the 1954 World Series.   A dog that would love to play ball.  Bailey had no interest in playing ball choosing instead to chase squirrels and birds.  I thought Kali might have been a ball chaser but it didn’t take her long to find out that the ball was not food and therefore why exert any energy running to it and – God forbid – pick it up and bring it back to me!

So this may fall into the category of be careful of what you wish for.

Kloe loves the ball.   Kloe is never far from a ball.   Kloe sleeps with her ball.  Kloe drinks with her ball.  Kloe can play fetch for as long as your arm can muster up another throw.  Hey she’s 18 months old, is strong as an ox, impervious to fatigue, and frankly has a little tunnel vision (the ball).

So I muse about being careful what you wish for but really I think it is pretty cool that I finally have a dog that will “Play ball”.


Somebody PLEASE throw the ball for me!







“I can do this forever Mom”

Kloe and her red ball

Kloe loves to be outside and loves her red ball.  Although we’ve had a little rain until today the weather has been very mild for Fall with temps in the mid-seventies. Kloe’s taken advantage of this and spends a good part of her day outside although I don’t think the cold or rain would slow her down much.

She’s very attached to this red ball and carries it with her most of the day.  Inside the house as we are going about our business she’ll drop it at our feet and look up at us and with her eyes as if to say, “you know what to do – throw it”.

Although Kloe loves to chase and catch the ball when we’re outside she hasn’t yet got the full hang of dropping it on demand, instead playing coy and bringing it to us and then turning her head coyly away as if to say, “try to get it”.  She eventually drops or we take it, we throw it, and she is off to the races.  Our other pups, including Kali, have had little to no interest in chasing a ball so this is not only a lot of fun for Kloe for a lot of fun for us!

Kloe’s also learned that if she is on an incline she can drop the ball and it rolls away and then she chases after it.  So she plays fetch by herself which is pretty cool.

But mostly Kloe loves to hang outside and wait for us to come out and throw the ball.  It takes her a little while to poop out but eventually she does.


Thought bubble:  “I love to chase this red ball but I also like to play keep away in between throws”.



Thought bubble:  “OK, I’m a little tuckered out, maybe I’ll just rest here in the shade for a bit.


“I guess I was more tired than I thought.  I’ll just lay here and drink my water”

You might wonder what Kali is up to during all this ball throwing, fetching play time, and unconventional water drinking.  Well, mostly a lot of this.


Kali’s thought bubble:  “Zzzzzz”