Winter Freeze

We finally got our first real cold day at The Golden K.  When we woke up yesterday morning it was in the low thirties.   I know for many of you that’s not cold but for us suburban transplants it is.  Mostly because it never really warmed up.

Kali and I went out for our morning walk after me bundling up with about three layers and a scarf – which I never wear.  Kali, being a Golden Retriever, has built in double coats so she was fine.  The crisp air felt great as we walked along our normal route going down to the main road, picking up our newspaper, and then heading up our property the long way around and finally back home.

I’ve been looking forward to winter up here on the hill where it will be cold with an occasional dusting of snow.  Not enough to have to shovel but enough to just hunker down and enjoy the season with a good wood fire, some smooth brandy, and a football game or two on Sundays.  But in reality I’m sure there will be some things that grow old quickly like a chapped face from that early morning walk, broken water pipes, and dealing with a puppy who just wants to be outside no matter what the temperature or precipitation.

But it’s all good when you have a romantic perspective at 3100 feet.  For that we are blessed.

The girls did their best to keep warm (like it was hard to do with a wood fire, a propane stove, and each other to stay warm!).


The freezing temps are good because it kills bark beetles; freezes those little bastards balls off  🙂 but what we need is more of this.

Here’s to a wet, wet winter!  Pray for rain.




Congrats on the liquid stuff. We had our first snow of the year as well. Only 2″ but better than a sharp stick in the eye. I’m afraid it’s gonna be a La Niña year in the Rockies. Hopefully you guys will start to catch up on precipitation. In the meantime, a snuggle in front of a wood stove seems like a great way to take up a Sunday afternoon. Stay warm.

That red river back there, Kloe loves swimming in it! I’m thinking the washing of the paws ritual will wear out its welcome before spring.

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