DIY – Doze It Yourself Projects

Our new home in the mountains that we call The Golden K has so many amenities for Kali and Kloe that you would think we bought the house for them.  Full disclosure: on our list of pros and cons for buying this house several months ago at the top of the pros column was “great place to raise dogs”.

Forgoing the details I’ll just say that the house’s wrap around deck connects to a large tree filled area protected by cyclone fence that connects to a out building with A/C and heat with doggie door that connects to the back of the house facing up the mountain.  At every juncture there is a gate to leave open or closed creating a variation of areas for the dogs to explore and roam.  And all are safe, and protected from mountain critters.

There was one area that needed just a little more attention to make sure that Kali and Kloe were contained and safe when out of our immediate eye sight in the event they are tempted to move beyond their approved territories.  This involved putting up some lattice on a concrete fence of  imperfect dimensions.  This is why I called in the experts – Kali and Kloe – to work with me side by side on what I thought was a Do It Yourself project.  But it actually turned out to be a Doze It Yourself project as my assistants so deftly illustrate in the photos belowIMG_1050IMG_1051

I couldn’t have wouldn’t have done it without them!


You gotta love hard-working dogs! Seriously, though, they both look so sweet and peaceful in those photos. And it’s no wonder, since you’ve worked hard to give them a safe, loving, and secure home. They are lucky dogs!

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