The Emerging Compound

One of the reasons we fell in love with The Golden K before it was The Golden K was the layout of the property.  It has a wonderful house, a wrap around deck that connects to a dog run that is totally contained (and safe for Kali and Kloe), plus many out buildings.  One of those out buildings was a large shed with an adjacent car port.  I say “was” because when we bought the property  we designated this structure to be renovated into my office.  I work primarily from home and rather than take up a bedroom as an office we decided to convert the shed.

Full disclosure.  There is a smaller out building that would be far less expensive to convert to an office but when one makes dreams come true why not dream big, right.  Just not too big…

My vision for The Golden K has always been that of a “compound”.  Those sprawling homesteads with guest houses, trails to explore, room for privacy if you want it, and common areas for family and friends to come together at the end of the day for meals and spiritual nourishment.  In other words, steak and wine!…

The original plan for the shed was to incorporate the area that comprises the car port into the floor plan.  That area would be a good size bedroom and the shed area would be my office that doubles for living space when guests were using it. There was to be a bathroom, small kitchenette, couch, TV, etc.  Unfortunately reality kicked in when we received our cost estimates and we prudently scaled back the project. (Reference dreaming “too big” above…)

The car port for now will remain just that – a car port and place to park my truck.  The shed will  be converted to my office with enough amenities to make it another place to hang out and watch a sporting event, play music (my piano and guitar will be prominent elements), and just provide another spot for Holly or I or friends and family to escape to for a little privacy or solitude.

And now construction has finally begun.  Seeing the contractors strip the generations-old cabinets and counters away, cut in new windows, and begin wiring for canned lights and modern amenities has made this project become very real.  While it may be slightly less grand than my original vision it is still a new and exciting element of our emerging compound we call The Golden K.







I have scaled back many projects in my time, but there is still that excitement and anticipation as the final “product” begins to take shape! Interested to read your reference to piano and guitar! I have the same interests! I cannot claim any great proficiency, but I have a lot of fun and satisfaction with playing, and my sounds can be quite melodic! 🙂

Colin – nice to know you are a fellow musician. I’ve played Piano since I was a young child and guitar since my early teen years. I used to be much more active and I’m hoping the Golden K will eventually provide the inspiration and motivation to get my chops back and get back to songwriting as well which is what I enjoy most.

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