Moments In The Sun (with our girls)

We took the girls for a drive and picnic up to the lake today and were pleasantly surprised when we found an area of the beach where dogs were allowed.  During past visits, due to signs all along the beach telling us “no dogs”, we were not aware that there was a section of the beach where dogs were ok.  Today as we strolled around the camp sites and trails we decided to go towards the beach and walk as close as we could with the girls.   I spotted a sign that said “Dog Area” with an arrow pointing down the trail.   Sure enough as we walked a little further we saw lots of dogs on the beach.  So we headed down.

Kloe loves water and although we’ve not taken her to a beach before I was pretty darn sure she was going to go nuts (nuts in the best way possible) when she hit the water.   My only regret is that we didn’t have the long leash so she was restricted to the shore with me holding on to the lease for dear life because this dog is so strong she would have pulled me under like a hungry great white shark with a baby seal in it’s jaws.

So we did the best we could with what we had and what we had was a ton-o-fun!

It was so fun to see Kloe jumping and splashing in the cool water.   The other dogs in the area were very dignified boring simply standing in the water paw deep or laying next to their owners in the sand.   I imagine had we planned for it and brought our beach chairs Kloe would have eventually laid down next to us and chilled out like the boring dogs.  But during the time we were there she was entertainment for all the beachgoers along this 50 yard stretch of lake shore. It was fun to see the smiles on the faces of young and old alike as Kloe did her thing in the water.   Kali even got in the game prancing knee deep in the water, smiling, and more than tolerating her little sister’s antics, seemingly very proud to be part of this pack.

As we all walked back to the car and our picnic lunch Holly and I were grateful for this beautiful day, our girls Kali and Kloe, and certain that we would be back very soon with the long leashes, beach chairs, and cameras ready to capture more of these beautiful moments in the sun with our girls.

Moments in the sun with the girls


Next time we bring the long leash for sure!

Girls at the lake


Winter Freeze

We finally got our first real cold day at The Golden K.  When we woke up yesterday morning it was in the low thirties.   I know for many of you that’s not cold but for us suburban transplants it is.  Mostly because it never really warmed up.

Kali and I went out for our morning walk after me bundling up with about three layers and a scarf – which I never wear.  Kali, being a Golden Retriever, has built in double coats so she was fine.  The crisp air felt great as we walked along our normal route going down to the main road, picking up our newspaper, and then heading up our property the long way around and finally back home.

I’ve been looking forward to winter up here on the hill where it will be cold with an occasional dusting of snow.  Not enough to have to shovel but enough to just hunker down and enjoy the season with a good wood fire, some smooth brandy, and a football game or two on Sundays.  But in reality I’m sure there will be some things that grow old quickly like a chapped face from that early morning walk, broken water pipes, and dealing with a puppy who just wants to be outside no matter what the temperature or precipitation.

But it’s all good when you have a romantic perspective at 3100 feet.  For that we are blessed.

The girls did their best to keep warm (like it was hard to do with a wood fire, a propane stove, and each other to stay warm!).


The freezing temps are good because it kills bark beetles; freezes those little bastards balls off  🙂 but what we need is more of this.

Here’s to a wet, wet winter!  Pray for rain.

Lazy Day At The Golden K

It’s been five weeks since Holly, Kali, Kloe, and I moved in full time to the Golden K.  As is usually the case when one moves into a new home, as turn key as the property may be – and our was very turn key – there are things you want to do to make the home your own. So Holly and I have spent the first five weeks unpacking and organizing the house, and managing contractor activities for various repairs and improvements. I work mostly from home so in between the house and property related activities I’ve been working in my office and I make an occasional trip back down the hill to the San Francisco Bay Area to meet with clients.

Our days are busy and begin around 5:45 am when puppy Kloe needs wants to get out of bed.  Once the sun is up this four month-old Golden Retriever seems to feel it’s her personal responsibility to kick start the day.    Kali, our seven year old Golden, is much more willing to stay in bed longer but she’s all about the food and she knows that breakfast will be served shorty after Kloe and I take care of “bio-business” after a long nights rest.  So Kali eagerly follows Kloe and I out of the bedroom to seize the day albeit with markedly less enthusiasm than her little sister.

In spite of all the work associated with setting up a new home, especially coming from suburbia to the Sierra Nevada Foothills as we have, we’ve made time to explore, entertain family and friends, and hang out with the dog’s on the deck or family room.

There is still quite a lot to do.  Our blessing and curse is the we’re good at keeping our nose to the grindstone in an effort get everything done quickly whenever we embark on a new project, or in this case a new journey and new phase of our lives.  But we’ve committed to one another that this time we’ll be patient, take our time,  and within reason do things with the highest level of quality.

So on this third day of a three day Fourth of July weekend -after entertaining two of our dearest and oldest friends for the past two days – we are taking a break.  We had a slow paced morning reading on the deck  We took a quick trip with the dogs into town to re-supply.  We sit here now watching the baseball game in our new home that makes us feel like we’re on perminent vacation.  In a little while I’ll pull out the “mix tape” (now digitized) of Americana songs that I play every Fourth of July (a tradition that Kali now shares with me that you can read more about at Golden Kali).

We’ll end our day with a quiet dinner just the four of us; the dogs get kibble and we’ll have try-tip.  OK, full transparency the dogs will each get a small bit of try-tip as I take it off the BBQ.  Then perhaps a short walk around the property before bed and before launching into more work and organization tomorrow.

But for now, and for the rest of the day, we are taking our cues from Kali and Kloe and allowing ourselves A Lazy Day At The Golden K.


Hey mom and dad – if it get’s too hot to sleep outside…


…we can go inside and sleep on the cool tile.