Lazy Day At The Golden K

It’s been five weeks since Holly, Kali, Kloe, and I moved in full time to the Golden K.  As is usually the case when one moves into a new home, as turn key as the property may be – and our was very turn key – there are things you want to do to make the home your own. So Holly and I have spent the first five weeks unpacking and organizing the house, and managing contractor activities for various repairs and improvements. I work mostly from home so in between the house and property related activities I’ve been working in my office and I make an occasional trip back down the hill to the San Francisco Bay Area to meet with clients.

Our days are busy and begin around 5:45 am when puppy Kloe needs wants to get out of bed.  Once the sun is up this four month-old Golden Retriever seems to feel it’s her personal responsibility to kick start the day.    Kali, our seven year old Golden, is much more willing to stay in bed longer but she’s all about the food and she knows that breakfast will be served shorty after Kloe and I take care of “bio-business” after a long nights rest.  So Kali eagerly follows Kloe and I out of the bedroom to seize the day albeit with markedly less enthusiasm than her little sister.

In spite of all the work associated with setting up a new home, especially coming from suburbia to the Sierra Nevada Foothills as we have, we’ve made time to explore, entertain family and friends, and hang out with the dog’s on the deck or family room.

There is still quite a lot to do.  Our blessing and curse is the we’re good at keeping our nose to the grindstone in an effort get everything done quickly whenever we embark on a new project, or in this case a new journey and new phase of our lives.  But we’ve committed to one another that this time we’ll be patient, take our time,  and within reason do things with the highest level of quality.

So on this third day of a three day Fourth of July weekend -after entertaining two of our dearest and oldest friends for the past two days – we are taking a break.  We had a slow paced morning reading on the deck  We took a quick trip with the dogs into town to re-supply.  We sit here now watching the baseball game in our new home that makes us feel like we’re on perminent vacation.  In a little while I’ll pull out the “mix tape” (now digitized) of Americana songs that I play every Fourth of July (a tradition that Kali now shares with me that you can read more about at Golden Kali).

We’ll end our day with a quiet dinner just the four of us; the dogs get kibble and we’ll have try-tip.  OK, full transparency the dogs will each get a small bit of try-tip as I take it off the BBQ.  Then perhaps a short walk around the property before bed and before launching into more work and organization tomorrow.

But for now, and for the rest of the day, we are taking our cues from Kali and Kloe and allowing ourselves A Lazy Day At The Golden K.


Hey mom and dad – if it get’s too hot to sleep outside…


…we can go inside and sleep on the cool tile.





Sounds like a smooth transition. I remember when we first moved to the island and I was still freelancing for MS and Starbucks, I also felt like I was on a vacation of sorts too. It’s also when I started enjoying a true cocktail, I really didn’t drink until I hit my forties. I remember calling my Mom and asking her what the name of the cocktail was that my father made, it was a Daiquiri, but she told me it was a gimlet – I have pretty much stayed with the gimlet – it’s the lime I think. I’m too lazy to make a Margarita, my true favorite. Mostly now it’s a crisp, dry Rose when the sun’s out, or, a nicely matched red or white when food is served. For some reason, a cocktail makes me feel a little more like a grown-up – go figure. Anyways, I’m thrilled that you are now enjoying the pace and lure of the hill country – it’s the healthy choice for man and beast. Cheers !

It’s been great (with the exception of internet connection options) and I appreciate your understanding of how this type of change can be life affecting. On your comment about cocktails it’s funny how our parents influence us in that regards. My cocktail of choice since I was in my mid twenties was and still is Scotch mostly because it was my dad’s drink. Although I leave that for special occasions (or after a long trying day) and stick mostly to the red wine. Cheers right back ‘atcha!

I reserve Scotch for winter, it burns so good – like a dark, coal fire… Cheers.

Oh my paws…is that pst photo beyond adorable or what?! Your two girls are just adorable. Enjoy settling in and getting things all squared away. Once you have everything done to make it all just yours, there’s a house in the Mile High city that could use your help. [wink] Just kidding, sort of. I envy your new new routine in nature and hope to do something similar some time soon. 😉

Thanks Colin. It’s been so great watching Kali interact (sleep!) with Kloe. She’s been a great big sister. Maybe one of these days you can get a little bro’ for Ray?

We have thought about it, and have been advised against it due to his SA issues. Apparently putting a stable and secure dog in with an insecure (SA) dog, will generally result in 2 SA dogs…. not what we want! In a year or two who knows!

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