Moments In The Sun (with our girls)

We took the girls for a drive and picnic up to the lake today and were pleasantly surprised when we found an area of the beach where dogs were allowed.  During past visits, due to signs all along the beach telling us “no dogs”, we were not aware that there was a section of the beach where dogs were ok.  Today as we strolled around the camp sites and trails we decided to go towards the beach and walk as close as we could with the girls.   I spotted a sign that said “Dog Area” with an arrow pointing down the trail.   Sure enough as we walked a little further we saw lots of dogs on the beach.  So we headed down.

Kloe loves water and although we’ve not taken her to a beach before I was pretty darn sure she was going to go nuts (nuts in the best way possible) when she hit the water.   My only regret is that we didn’t have the long leash so she was restricted to the shore with me holding on to the lease for dear life because this dog is so strong she would have pulled me under like a hungry great white shark with a baby seal in it’s jaws.

So we did the best we could with what we had and what we had was a ton-o-fun!

It was so fun to see Kloe jumping and splashing in the cool water.   The other dogs in the area were very dignified boring simply standing in the water paw deep or laying next to their owners in the sand.   I imagine had we planned for it and brought our beach chairs Kloe would have eventually laid down next to us and chilled out like the boring dogs.  But during the time we were there she was entertainment for all the beachgoers along this 50 yard stretch of lake shore. It was fun to see the smiles on the faces of young and old alike as Kloe did her thing in the water.   Kali even got in the game prancing knee deep in the water, smiling, and more than tolerating her little sister’s antics, seemingly very proud to be part of this pack.

As we all walked back to the car and our picnic lunch Holly and I were grateful for this beautiful day, our girls Kali and Kloe, and certain that we would be back very soon with the long leashes, beach chairs, and cameras ready to capture more of these beautiful moments in the sun with our girls.

Moments in the sun with the girls


Next time we bring the long leash for sure!

Girls at the lake



I’m so happy you found a dog-friendly stretch of beach and I love these photos of the girls and their humans. Harper Lee has been to the beach twice, once in Florida several years ago for a full day of fun and then this past spring with Tallulah in Myrtle Beach for a quick toe dip. The beach is Harper Lee’s happy place (she probably got that from her human mommy). She barks and barks and barks, which is what she does when she’s really happy. We’re headed back to the beach in November for a long weekend with the girls. Can’t wait, and can’t wait to see more pictures of Kali and Kloe on their next beach trip.

What fun for all of you! I’ve never taken my dogs to the beach, or any kind of lake for that matter. Poor Lucy is too old for such things now, but someday, I hope to do that.

What tail-wagging fun (and a great way to escape the heat). I only wish Sam enjoyed water so we could do something like this but alas…he’s as far away from the wet stuff as possible. I’m not even sure he knows how to swim! Silly web-footed knucklehead. 😇

Like Sam our first Golden, Bailey, was scared to death of water – go figure. Kloe LOVES water play – I wish we were able to get some video of her “tazzing” in the water. She had a blast. Next time with the long leash we’ll get some video and I will post it. Even grandma Kali got in the act.

How about the Ninja – have you tried her out with water play?

It’s too hard to be pulled in opposite directions. I’ll have to take her out separately over to a city lake and see what she thinks. She’s definitely unfazed by puddles on the sidewalk unlike a certain poodle who shall remain nameless and walks around them. 🤣

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