Re-Reading Golden Kali

A friend and recent follower of this Golden Kali blog told me that she read all the posts from beginning to current. She said she wanted to really know Kali’s story so she started from the beginning. Wow – that is quite a compliment that is not lost on me! It also inspired me to do the same – go back and re-read all my posts from the beginning. The beginning was the day after Kali’s arrival from Taiwan in May of 2014.

I’m currently up to July of 2016 and as I am reading these posts two things have stood out to me.

The first is how special my relationship with Kali was (and still is even though she is gone).

In my heart and soul I knew from day one that Kali was special. She was meant for me and I was meant for her! I knew it then, I know it now, and I will always know it. It was a once in a lifetime gift bestowed upon Kali and I from destiny.

Reading these posts again after so many years has reminded me in great detail of all the special moments Kali and I had together. For the first two years it was just Kali and I. We were almost always together. There were no other canine siblings and Kali had the full compliment of my attention 24/7. These early days – just her and I – established a foundation of mutual trust, respect, and love. And most importantly it established a bond that cannot be broken. I love Kloe and Koda as much as Kali but the relationships are a little different. There has never been just Kloe. There has never been just Koda. But there were two years when there was just Kali. Reading these old posts has reminded me of that special time in our lives with a renewed appreciation of what Kali meant to me and me to her.

The second thing that has stood out is the relationships and camaraderie that developed between fellow bloggers and followers of Golden Kali.

After each post I have also been reading comments made by these people many who have become friends over the years.

When my daughter was a teen-ager, in the early days of social media, she would occasionally refer to someone as her friend who she knew online from a social media site. As a parent this made me very concerned for obvious reasons. That my daughter was referring to someone as a friend who she had never met face to face or even voice to voice on the phone was a worry for me.

But later, through the Golden Kali blog, I realized that it was possible to make friends through social media. Comments resulting from blog posts created a basis for me to get to know the regular followers and vice-versa. While Kali has always been the “perfect” dog like so many rescues she had her set of challenges. I wrote about these challenges and many followers, offered empathy, advice, or simply shared a similar experience. I also followed their blogs and through ongoing dialogue and sharing of experiences – and life in general – we’ve developed friendships. For that I’m grateful.

So Kali, although physically gone, continues to very present in my life. I don’t expect that to ever change. Re-reading our story from beginning has been a great reminder (for my brain) of everything Kali means to me. This of course is something my heart always knew and will never need to be reminded of.


I would like to follow your blog, as indeed you have followed Learning from Dogs, but for some reason WordPress is not seeing my email address as a ‘proper’ one.

Nor me! The challenge is that ProtonMail is totally encrypted and I moved across to them because I was getting too many scammers on my gmail address. Clearly WordPress do not know what to go with ProtonMail.

You’re right about Word Press friendships: although we don’t meet our blogger friends in person, they are still friends. And what a gift your blog has been! Not just for those of us you’ve shared your experiences with, but your posts are a journal of your life together with all your dogs, especially Kali. That’s going to be something you’ll always treasure.

So very grateful to have landed on your blog early on, Mike. Grateful for you and grateful for dear sweet Kali of whom I too found a precious connection. Maybe the fact that she was rescue, or that sweet face looking back I’m not sure, but whatever it was it’s been a loving and lasting connection to her. Like you, I miss her but am grateful I ‘got to know her’ and you. Ear scritches to the other sweet Golden Girls.

Thanks Sue. I miss my girl very much but I am grateful for almost 8 mostly healthy years with her. She gave me so much and asked for nothing in return except to be with me, which of course I was happy to comply.

What a wonderful tribute to Kali. Our beloved Ray is very likely to be leaving us in the not too distant future. I cannot imagine life here without him, but I have no doubt that (like Kali and you) he will be forever in our hearts, The fact that dogs can have that kind of an impact on us is beyond my understanding …. but I love it.

Thank you my friend. Our hearts are lockboxes for those we love. Dogs are amazing creatures to whom we should bow down to. But of course they would not allow us to do so as they consider us too be the human who has reached the potential we are capable of being.

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