Meet Kloe


In the left corner hailing from Bakersfield, passing through Lodi, briefly spending time in Livermore and then onto the Sierra Nevada Foothills is Kloe!  At nine weeks old, in light red fur weighing in at 15 pounds is the Golden Retriever puppy ready to win your heart and dazzle your imagination.

Actually, like Kali, I’m sure Kloe is a lover and not a fighter.  After all she’s a Golden.  Another “Golden K”.

Kloe joined our pack this week and we are thrilled to have another fur baby in the den.   Like most babies she has already established a routine of play, eat, poop, sleep, and repeat.    Holly has been great taking the lead and doing all the right things to quickly establish ground rules, routine, and discipline.  She’s an experienced mom so I’m not surprised at the combined success!

Kloe has been trying her best to get her new big sister to engage in play but Kali so far has been uninterested.  I think Kali will come around but for the moment she is a reluctant participant.

Meanwhile, we are thrilled that another “Golden K” has joined the pack and will be with us on this adventure called life.


Meet Kloe (Sweetie Girl)


New Sissies




Awwwww, she’s beyond adorable. Congratulations. I love that picture of Kloe sitting with Kali. The look on Kali’s face is priceless . . . and quite familiar to Harper Lee’s look with her little sister, Tallulah. 🙂

Thanks Monika. Kali is getting there slowly but surely. This morning I saw little bit of mommy instincts in Kali as Kloe tried to cuddle up for a nap next to Kali’s belly…

She is so cute! And I bet as she grows older, she and Kali will interact much more. Kali probably just doesn’t quite know what to make of a puppy.

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