Toasty Time (for four)

Kali and Kloe have guests.  Jaynee and Sadie will be here for the week while their parents and our good friends Marty and Jen vacation in Hawaii with their human kids.

Sadie and Jaynee are quick studies.  They quickly and effortlessly adapted to a morning ritual I have with Kali and Kloe.

My breakfast usually includes toast.  A long time ago, and before Kloe was born, Kali and I established a morning ritual where I give her  a corner (or two) of a piece of bread while I cook my breakfast.  I call it Toasty Time.  When Kloe joined the pack she eagerly adapted to the ritual.

This morning, the first morning that Jaynee and Sadie were with us, they didn’t miss a beat.  As I announced Toasty Time they got into position for their corner of bread as though they had been doing it for years.

Toasty Time For Four



Those pups are all way too clever! Enjoy the extra company. Sam is right at my feet whenever I’m in the kitchen especially when I get the cheese out for packing Elsa’s pill. He long ago associated that crinkle sound with a more than likely share of a tasty tidbit of the yummy stuff. Elsa patiently waits outside the room watching. I think she’s taking notes. 🐶

I love how quickly dogs adapt, particularly when food is involved! And thank goodness that you had exactly four dogs to match the four corners of your bread.

Dogs have their own math, and sharing is a foreign concept when it comes to them sharing their food. When it comes to you sharing your food, then dogs are very big on sharing!

If Ray’s expectations are not met, he goes (Plan B!) into his crate; lays down with front paws crossed, and is perfectly quiet! They’re very good with their body language aren’t they! 🙂

Had to laugh at all four of them giving you “the look” for toast, because Ray does exactly that. He sits as close to me as he can, washes my hand which is not holding my toast… and waits for the last piece. If for any reason I do not have toast, he comes and nudges me! 🙂

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