The first meeting between Smokey and Kali took place the morning after Kali arrived in America.   It didn’t go too well.  There was lots of barking by both dogs, some enthusiastic teeth gnashing and growling from Smokey, and a lot of nervous panting and confusion from Kali.   In retrospect I didn’t prepare for or handle the first meeting very well and I would (will?) do it different the next time around.  In spite of my clumsiness in handling the introduction by the end of the day Smokey and Kali were co-habitating very nicely and after just a few days they were eating side by side and laying in the sun together.

Smokey was about eight weeks old when my daughter brought him home almost three years ago.  Less than three  pounds he looked like a miniature Ewok.


Smokey the Mini-Ewok tipping the scales at a robust 2 lbs. 12 oz.  


Even before Kali arrived Smokey never had problems making friends

Half Yorkshire Terrier and Half Maltese – a Morkie – Smokey is a cute little lamb-pie and tough guy all wrapped into one very intelligent dog.   Loyal protector of the pack Smokey sounds the alarm – much to my chagrin – at any sign of danger or threat.  Unfortunately his “small dog syndrome” causes him to perceive the UPS truck, any moving creature in front or in back of the house,  and any knocks on the front door threatening.  When we let him out to do his business first thing in the morning he immediately bolts to the back fence and runs the perimeter patrolling and using his nose to gather “intelligence” about what may have gone on during the night.   But for all his Napoleon Syndrome traits his enthusiastic, unbridled, and unconditional  love more than make up for it.

If someone arrives home from being out Smokey greets them with his entire body wagging.  This is not separation anxiety.   He does this regardless of whether he was home alone or home with other family members.  When one arrives home he runs up to greet you and wags his body all the while smelling your feet and legs to see where you’ve been.   One cannot have low self-esteem when around Smokey because he let’s you know how important you are to him.  He does the same thing with Kali showering her with kisses when she arrives back from her walk with me.  For Smokey, in ways different from Kali, it’s all about the pack.

Now, full-grown at 10 and a half pounds Smokey is not much bigger than Kali’s head; which he often lovingly jumps onto with his front paws when Kali is laying down.   Smokey sleeps with my daughter but on the rare times she’s not home he sleeps with my wife and I.  How is it that a ten pound dog can commandeer a queen size bed?   Smokey does have a few fetishes. He loves to nibble on toes of barefoot visitors during the summer.  He uses his incisors to chew on the hairs on my arm and face like a monkey grooming his mate ridding them of mites and parasites.

I’m not sure if this is a small dog thing or a Smokey thing but he doesn’t lift his leg to pee.  Ever.  He’ll stand there like a pointer looking off to the distance with his tail in the air and snout facing in the direction of “the hunter’s prey”.  “Ahhh…” he seems to say as he jogs back to the door taking one last glance at the perimeter of the yard.

The Smokster, Smokadoo, and “hey da Smoke” is the smallest member of the pack but I am sure has the biggest heart.

IMG_0384Tough Guy Smokey

And then the transformation…..

IMG_1673Lamb Pie Smokey right after getting groomed 


Smokey and Panda


Sharing some sun with KaliIMG_1381Kissy-Face with Sissy Kali


The Pack

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