Penny bites off more than she can chew

Kali and I have been following “Marking Our Territory” for a while now. We’ve enjoyed reading about Penny and Eko and seeing the great photos their owner posts. We thought you might like this too.

Marking Our Territory

To round out the holidays we hosted our old pal Riley for a few days. Riley gets along great with my two pups, but for reasons beyond my understanding, Riley’s presence always prompts a friendly game of “Who has the biggest play bite.”

Penny kicked off the taste-test with a  small sample of Riley’s lower cheek


Riley tried to test her bit on Eko, but his rather large head made it difficult


So Riley instead took Penny for a spin 


Penny took it upon herself to show her play bite was big enough to take down Eko


Eko felt otherwise




The exact moment when Penny realized she bit off more than she could chew


“Glrggg…ok, you win, Eko!”

The lesson here? Penny is a bigmouth but Eko has a big mouth!

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