Even having that as a subject line at this time of year really bothers me.

Source: Christmas!

Golden Kali followers will enjoy this book and heartwarming story about Ray, a beautiful Rotty Shepard mix and his dedicated dad Colin and their adventure from adoption through assimilation, journey, and personal growth.  A great read!

Keeping Your Pets Cool This Summer

Good advice for newbies and great reminders for experienced dog lovers.

I’m Still Kicking Myself: Epilogue

I’m no longer kicking myself and I managed to correct the mistake; the mistake of cutting Kali’s dew claw in a manner that it split and exposed the quick. So me with a sore butt from kicking myself and Kali with a slightly sore foot are finally doing better and are back to our routine. This is a good thing since we are both such creatures of habit.

As suspected the entire nail had to come off. So after the vet examined the nail on Monday afternoon I left Kali with her. I was very proud of Kali who let the vet examine her nail without flinching or making a fuss. The biscuit I held in front of her nose didn’t hurt the effort… Brenda, Kali’s new vet, said she’d be ready to pick up at 5:00 (Kali not Brenda  🙂 So I left Kali, went home, and watched the final innings of the San Francisco Giants home opener on TV.  I was surprised that I wasn’t stressed or worried. I don’t like anesthesia. Even with the modern technology to monitor blood oxygen levels mistakes can happen and if there isn’t enough oxygen flowing through the blood to the brain there can be irreversible damage. But I wasn’t worried and the only stress I had in my body was from watching my Giants losing the game.

When Holly and I arrived to pick up Kali the med tech told us what a great patient she was. I was like a proud dad talking to the doctors after a child’s tonsillectomy. The med tech brought Kali out and she had a major wrap job on her foot. She was happy to see us and was released with some antibiotics, pain meds to be used only if she needed them (she didn’t), and no restrictions for activity beyond the first night of “taking it easy”.

When we got home it was evident that Kali was still a little loopy from the anesthesia. She had a blank stare about her and when she lied down and fell asleep she had major dreams and was growling off and on in her sleep.

Although it was little hard for her to walk up the stairs that night she slept soundly through the night and by morning all was well. We took a couple of short walks with the bandage on the next day.   It probably felt a little strange to her to walk along the path with a artificially padded foot but she did fine and was glad to be back on the trail.

Last night I took off the bandages. It was really cool to watch Kali as I unwrapped all the bandages, tape,and padding the medical staff had compressed around the wound area. Although she was never in any pain Kali was not real pleased about her foot being wrapped. As I unraveled and removed the bandages she looked up at me and seemed to say thank you for getting all the “stuff” off her foot.

So today for the first time in almost two weeks we walked without a cracked nail, blood, or a bandage. Kali walked, I walked.  And for the first time in almost two weeks I didn’t kick myself.

Golden Kali (and Dad) is back!

Wrapped (looks a little like those socks the race horses wear - kinda cool!)

Wrapped (looks a little like those socks the race horses wear – kinda cool!)

Unwrapped (looks like we got our money's worth)

Unwrapped (looks like we got our money’s worth)

After the procedure and bandages off

After the procedure and bandages off

Penny bites off more than she can chew

Kali and I have been following “Marking Our Territory” for a while now. We’ve enjoyed reading about Penny and Eko and seeing the great photos their owner posts. We thought you might like this too.

Marking Our Territory

To round out the holidays we hosted our old pal Riley for a few days. Riley gets along great with my two pups, but for reasons beyond my understanding, Riley’s presence always prompts a friendly game of “Who has the biggest play bite.”

Penny kicked off the taste-test with a  small sample of Riley’s lower cheek


Riley tried to test her bit on Eko, but his rather large head made it difficult


So Riley instead took Penny for a spin 


Penny took it upon herself to show her play bite was big enough to take down Eko


Eko felt otherwise




The exact moment when Penny realized she bit off more than she could chew


“Glrggg…ok, you win, Eko!”

The lesson here? Penny is a bigmouth but Eko has a big mouth!

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Dog Piles

paper piles



Kali and I have had a lot of fun blogging since she landed in America on May 24, 2014.  Comments and “Likes” by followers have been encouraging and appreciated.  Reading some of your posts and learning about your experiences are inspiring and motivating.  Thank you.

Kali’s nature and tendencies, OK – my nature and tendencies are to organize;  to put things in order.  I need a certain amount of structure in my life.  When I have it I am more creative, more effective, and happier.   With paper documents I tend to organize them in piles in my office until I’m sure I am finished with whatever needed to be done.  These are neat piles – not cluttered, I don’t like clutter.  They remain in view but off to the side so they are not forgotten and so that they are easily accessible.

Now for Golden Kali I have created virtual piles of our stories organized into categories.  While this structure should have little to no effect on readers of Golden Kali, it makes Kali and I… OK it makes me feel better to have some structure around Golden Kali posts.

The Word Press theme used for Golden Kali doesn’t provide multiple menus (maybe we’ll look for a more robust theme at some point but for now this is what we’re going with.  So, the “piles” will appear on the side-bar of the blog  in the section called “Dog Piles”.  (Off to the side so they are not forgotten).

Whether you shuffle through the piles or not please please keep reading and following this wonderful girl we call Golden Kali.


Tails From The Trail:  Kali and I walk almost every day along the trails near our home.  This pile includes posts about our walks, or inspired from our walks, along the trail, creeks, golf course, and throughout the surrounding neighborhood.

The Pack:  Our family is always stronger when we’re together.  As the saying goes, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  This has always been our family and since May 24, 2014 Kali has been one of those parts and the whole is even stronger because of her.  This pile has posts about our family; our “Pack”.

Wagging Tales: A commen misconception is that just because a dog’s tail is wagging that she is happy.  A wagging tail can mean a lot of things.   But this blog is not about science so this pile will be for  posts about experiences and events that make Kali or other members of the pack happy and feel good.

Woof!:  Occasionally there are events, experiences, or interactions where it is best described with a cartoon thought bubble over my head or Kali’s that have “?!?”,  or #!&%@*,  or “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”.   This pile will include the Woofs we experience along the way.

“Micro-Chips”:  From time to time I come across content from other bloggers, websites, or news feeds, etc. that interest me and may interest some of you.  The Micro-Chips pile may be re-posts of other bloggers, a picture, a link, or just a brief thought inspired by Kali’s new life in America.




I’ll stay here. You go organize something and let me know when it’s time for my walk.




Treats Tobin Loves!

Kali is all about the food and even after meals acts as if it’s been days since she ate. I’ve very conscious of making sure she maintains a healthy weight and diet. So I am always looking for healthy snacks as well as ideas to keep her entertained during the day. This recipe shared by another blogger I follow shows a very “cool” recipe for Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Pops. I’m not a cook or a baker but I think even I could manage this recipe. So they are probably in Kali’s near future. I thought that some of your fur-babies might like these too.

Training with Tobin


I will be the first to admit that when it comes to taking care of Tobin, I can be a little over zealous — like a helicopter mom.  With some of my extra time, I began researching dog treats — the best store bought kinds and dog treats to make at home.

Dog PopsInstead of coming home to fresh-from-the-oven human food, my boyfriend would frequently catch me in the kitchen making dog cookies.

So after a little trial and error, I have a narrowed my list down to three must-have Tobin treats.

#1 is a homemade recipe I found by Andrea Arch while scouring Pinterest.

The article provides many great recipes, but the “Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Pops” are my favorite to use as Tobin’s ‘busy toy’.  Just pop one of these into his Kong-like toy and he is good to go. Whenever I leave the house, or just want to…

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