Two Weeks

It’s been almost two weeks since Kali arrived and more and more of her real personality emerges every day.

She was so quiet the first few days, barely waking up if someone came to the front door.   Now, if someone knocks on the door she’ll give out a few deep and throaty woofs and run to me to open the door so she can greet our guest. The door opens and she welcomes our guest with joy and just the right amount of excitement.

Her first few walks were tentative and (now I realize) slightly stressful.  Today, because I am continuing to learn from her our walk was very calm and enjoyable for both of us in spite of the 90 degree heat.  Kali is so good on the leash, rarely pulling, and more and more during our walks the leash is loose and she adjusts her pace to mine.  When not on the trail when we come to a street I stop at the curb – she sits, looks at me (for the treat in my pocket) – and waits patiently until I begin walking to cross the street.    I look so forward to our walks and I think now, Kali does too.



Kali waiting for Dad during errands

Kali waiting for Dad during errands

Kali loves her food!   When we rise in the morning that’s her priority – breakfast.  BUT, she is so great at waiting for me to get up first,  never bothering me until I get up and she is sure that I am not returning to bed.  Even if I rustle in the early morning when the sun is coming up and the birds are chirping she won’t herself get up and begin to “nose” me like she did the first few days.  She waits patiently until she is sure I am up for good.  And then she runs to the door and heads downstairs to go out and relieve herself and get ready for BREAKFAST.


Kali’s and her  little brother – Smokey, a Maltese Terrier Yorkie mix – are interacting more and more.  Smokey is 10 pounds.  Kali is 58.  In spite of the size difference they are finding ways to interact and play.  At first Smokey was a little intimidated by Kali’s loud deep bark.  But lately not so much.  Frankly Kali’s   woof is almost powerful enough to knock Smokey over but the little guy hangs in there – even when face to face – and banters back with his yaps and paw jabs.  And the kissy-face the two of them do is so very cute and loving.  We’re very happy that now not only do “we” have Kali, in our life, but so does Smokey.

So after two weeks, and as expected, Kali continues  to bring so much happiness into our lives.  As they say, “stay tuned” -it’s only going to get better.



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