Back Yard Buddies

My beautiful wife Holly with our Golden Kali

My beautiful wife Holly with our Golden Kali

During most of Spring and Summer I spend a lot of time in the backyard doing light yard work and relaxing.  When Bailey passed away five years ago I lost my Back Yard Buddy.  The canine “helper”  who followed me around the yard providing encouragement and periodic diversion to throw a ball or dispense some praise and love.  I love my yard and besides my wife Holly there was no one I wanted to share it with more than Bailey.  I’ve really missed that interaction over the years.

It’s so great that Kali has now stepped in and filled that role so eagerly. If I’m in the yard so is she. Like Bailey, she follows me around interested to see “whats up” eventually settling in the shade somewhere close to observe my activity.

Bailey was never a digger and was totally trustworthy in the yard and respectful (or oblivious?) to my landscaping. But, if I was working in the dirt with a shovel Bailey would get inspired and go to a spot that wasn’t landscaped and begin digging. It seemed the more effort I put into making my hole for a tree or shrub the more effort Bailey put into his own digging efforts.  On hot days during his later years he especially liked to dig himself a bed in the dirt and cool off.


Bailey in his later years cooling off after digging a spot for himself in the dirt

Bailey in his later years cooling off after digging a spot for himself in the dirt

So yesterday, while I was doing some planting, much to my surprise, Kali sauntered over and “planted” herself right next to me in the dirt. This was quite the nostalgic moment for me. It reminded me of past times hanging out with Bailey who I still miss so very much.


Kali nearby while I do some planting

Kali nearby while I do some planting

It also reminded me of how blessed we are to have Kali in our life. There is such a comfortable and calm manner about Kali. She is very respectful of the house and calmly welcomes all visitors. She’s learning not to beg and is increasingly interactive and loving with her little brother Smokey, the Maltese/Yorky mix.  She is tolerant of the various critters and birds that visit the yard. Unless Smokey enlists her help to chase them away. Smokey is just ten pounds but has some swagger and hates the squirrels. So occasionally, Kali is happy to provide her powerful 58 pounds as back up to Smokey’s ten pounds of swagger.

Ten pounds of swagger

Ten pounds of swagger


The Pack


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