One week down – furever to go

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went”.

– Will Rogers,  1879 – 1935

Will Rogers was an american cowboy, comedian, humorist and actor.  Apparently he knew something about dogs!

Kali has been with us for one week and it has been like heaven. Or at least the euphoric version so many envision it to be.  A place where love is rampant,   judgmental attitudes don’t exist, and unconditional love is the norm.  Kali’s unconditional love challenges me to exhibit the same quality during stressful or frustrating encounters with my loved ones, friends, and strangers. Her eagerness to please reminds me that even the smallest of actions and gestures can make a difference in someone’s life. Her patience, as hard as it is to be patient at times (especially when food is involved), affirms her devotion, loyalty and trust. Yep, Will Rogers was a pretty smart guy.

Kali has continued to adjust very well to her new surroundings and environment. By Wednesday we could see that the jet lag was gone evidenced by her increase in energy and overall playfulness. She makes it clear when she wants to play – usually in the morning – by taunting us to chase her with her toys or play tug of war. If she doesn’t get my attention she will wrap her legs around mine and tug at my cloths. I’m going to have to change that behavior although it is so cute and loving… Kali patiently waits to get up in the morning until I do. Fortunately for her I’m an early riser.

Since Thursday Kali has been out of the house more and more and has proven to be very social. She is welcoming to everyone she encounters and is so sweet and gentle with children. She went to the vet on Thursday for a ” get acquainted” visit. She was a perfect girl and charmed the entire staff. We were very proud of our Golden Kali.  On Sunday she went to the park to watch Little League baseball.  Many of the young players came up to her after the game and she welcomed each one of them and, I believe, enriched their day with her welcoming and loving demeanor.

Kali after her first American Vet visit

Kali after her first American Vet visit

Me and Kali at the Little League game

Me and Kali at the Little League game


A well known quote by an unknown author says, “My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am’.   A good goal for all of us and one I will strive for.  It is increasingly clear that I certainly will learn more from Kali than she will learn from me.



Wagging Tales


You definitely have a way with words. I told Jill you should write an article for the NGRR newsletter recounting your journey with Kali. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to your next post.

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