The Master Teacher

As I helped my Golden Kali with her aging hips onto the couch I cuddled her. We were alone in the family room while Holly cleaned up after dinner. Puppy Kloe was still sleeping under the dinner table.

As Kali settled onto the couch I whispered out loud into her ear. “I love you Kali, more than you can ever comprehend”.

Kali looked at me with sleepy eyes and it hit me. I paused for a moment and then I said, again out loud, “Wait – maybe you love me more than I can ever comprehend”.

And so it was. Another moment, another day, and another lesson I’ve learned from my Golden Kali.

My Golden Kali The Master Teacher.


We I read your stories about Kali, and when I reflect on our Ray, I cannot understand why anybody would abuse such creatures. They harmonize with us so readily… if given the opportunity. Those who treat them as anything less than special, are not only being unfair to the dog, but they are doing themselves an injustice by never experiencing the wondrous relationship possible. Of course, like any relationship, it takes desire, patience, compassion, understanding and loads of TLC…. but it is so worth it! 🙂

I simply love reading your sweet, sensitive stories about your fur babies! What are you doing for Kali’s joint support? Have you tried CBD oil? It is helping so many dogs and cats…we cannot run out of it! Let me know if I can help you make her more comfortable.

Hi Dee- for the past year we have her on adequan injections once a month and every other day galiprant pills. It’s really made a big difference for the good. Having said that I wish I would have explored CBD more. Is like to talk to you about that sometime soon. And thanks for following Golden Kali (my love)!

Sorry to barge in your convo with Deborah, but I can completely attest to the efficacy of CBD oil for sore joints. Not for the dogs mind you, but it has worked wonders on an arthritic joint of a friend who knew I give it to Elsa for her seizures. We’ve experienced amazing results for seizure control, and it works wonders on arthritis and anxiety (I give a dose to Sam for when he goes on long trips riding in the car). That stuff is pure magic without the chemical build up in the liver.

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