What is hip?

There’s a favorite song of mine by Tower Of Power called What Is Hip?  Tower of Power was a very successful soul band in the seventies and eighties and continue to tour and play their brand of soul with the same enthusiasm and “hipness” that they did when I was a teen going to their concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Unfortunately Kali’s version of the song is “what is hip dysplasia?

Kali arrived in the U.S. with hip dysplasia, a common ailment with Golden Retrievers.  Also common for Golden’s is not to complain about much of anything.  So while she has always been a little slow going up the stairs and can’t jump she has gotten along pretty well.   Until recently…

Over the past few months I’ve noticed Kali slowing down.  I attributed this mostly to her getting older – she was approximately five when she arrived and is now eight.  But my overall observations and instincts suggested that it was more than that and the obvious reason was her hips.  It became really evident when she was laying on one side and wanted to turn to the other side.  She moved slow, grunted a bit, and was clearly uncomfortable making this move.

We’ve had her on Dasaquin since day one and we her dry food includes glucosamine.   While these supplements may have helped for a while it became very evident that she needed something else.

A week and a half ago Kali’s vet did a thorough check of her hips and prescribed a newly approved medicine for dogs called Galiprant.  After just a couple of doses there was striking evidence of improvement.  Kali has always pranced but now when we head out for walks she is very animated and jogs down to the edge of our property where she waits to be leashed for our walk.  She seems genuinely happy to be stretching her limbs.  What a joy this is!

So is Galiprant a miracle drug?  It may be too soon to say, and I certainly don’t want to jinx anything, but for now “what is hip dysplasia” has become “What Is Hip?” and Kali and I are both feeling a lot younger as she gallops freely around the Golden K and I reminisce about Tower Of Power.

What is hip?
Tell me, tell me if you think you know
What is hip?
If you was really hip
The passing years would show
You into a hip trip
Maybe hipper than hip
But what is hip?

Tower of Power

Kali at home 1

Kali almost three years ago the day after coming home forever


Awww, sweet Kali. Here’s hoping the new meds prove helpful long-term. Have you considered CBD oil? I’ve read it is a viable treatment for arthritis and hip dysplasia as well as seeming to help manage epileptic seizures. Elsa takes it for her seizures (at the suggestion of the vet) and she also has somewhat wonky hips so it keeps her going like an EverReady bunny. Ear scratches for both girls. 💕

I’m so glad you have found a medicine that works for Kali! I hate hip dysplacia and the pain it causes dogs. How wonderful that she is back to her normal playful self!

Harper Lee was diagnosed with hip and elbow dysplasia when she was nine months old. She’s done water treadmill rehab at the LSU vet school since her diagnosis and taken Dasuquin with fish oil tablets. When she was initially diagnosed, I didn’t know what to expect. But at eight years old, she’s still going strong. We just added some Chinese herbs to her daily regime and I’m constantly looking at what the next step should be when she needs it. Thanks for letting us know about Galiprant. Adding that to the list of potentials, and wishing Kali continued success!

Glad to know MHL is doing well. She’s about the same age as Kali. FYI, there is an injectable called Adequin that we will also begin with Kali. It is a complimentary drug to Galiprant. It’s a twice a week injectable for the first month and then only monthly after that. Studies have shown good results with one or the other and with both combined.

Thanks for your well wishes.

We knew about the Adequin but not the Galiprant. Miss Lee also had laser treatment on an elbow several years ago, which completely cleared up a little problem she was having there. It’s amazing to see all the advances over the last seven years.

Shepherds are also prone to hip issues as they get older. When the vet had to “put out” Ray to do the initial examination of him in 2013, we asked that they take advantage of the circumstances and x-ray his hips to see if there were any signs of potential issues. The conclusion was that there was no evidence of potential problems. His hip joints were as expected for a young and healthy dog. Obviously we hope he stays that way, and equally hope that Kali’s treatment will continue to be effective. Thinking of you “guys” 🙂

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