Neither Snow Nor Rain….

The unofficial motto of the U.S. Postal Service is, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

With the seemingly endless storm systems continuing to deliver massive snow and rain to California it’s been a heck of a first winter to be a Golden Retriever puppy!   Kloe’s unbridled enthusiasm for completing her mission regardless of the elements would make her a great postal carrier.  Except in Kloe’s case the motto would be slightly amended to say completion of her appointed play time.

She seems to revel in the wet and mud.   It’s hard to keep a good pup down and in Kloe’s case that means who cares if it’s pouring rain outside. Open the barn door and let this race horse out!

Evidenced here in a photo taken by a friend on a recent rainy day when Kloe went to visit her friend Jaynee.





Our first Golden (mix) Bailey was deathly afraid of water. He was a rescue from a flood area so logical I guess. He would run off and hide in a corner of the yard if I took out the hose to water. Kali is somewhat indifferent; lately though she seems to seek out run off water along our walks. And then there is Kloe where that picture is worth the proverbial thousand words. How about Elsa? Does she like the water?

Not at least when it comes to baths. We haven’t had her near any bodies of water yet to decide if she’ll be a water dog or not. All my other standards LOVED water (they have webbed feet and were bred as water fowl hunters after all) so Sam’s wussiness has been “interesting” to say the least. 🙂

She does not! We’ve been giving her more freedom around the property off leash and teaching her to come to us from wherever she is (which is not too far yet). The other day we were in the garage and she wondered up a ways above some hardscape that defines part of our driveway. There is a section about 5 feet above the driveway. We called her and were pleased that she came running as we want her to do. What we didn’t expect is that she would take the most direct route to us and the biscuit she knew she would get. That most direct route was to fly off the hardscape 5 feet above the ground. She scared the crap out of me as I saw her take to the air. She landed hard, did a face plant, and came bounding over to Holly to get her biscuit. So yeah, our “little” Kloe goes 100% without fear or the maturity to know better. I have to admit I like the quality but sheesh!…

That must have been very scary to watch! Like you, I admire fearlessness, but there’s a line where admiration ends and anxiety begins. I bet Kloe will keep you on your toes for a long time! Good thing she’s worth it….

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