R.I.P. Eko

Although I should have started my work day at least an hour ago I sit here at my computer and can’t shake the bad news I read this morning.  Bad news about a dog I’ve never met but feel as though I know because I’ve read and watched a big part of his life unfold before my eyes in blog posts and videos.  A sister.  A household move.  A wedding.  A lot of joy, happiness, running, sleeping, and craziness.  A lot of love.

Eco was is a Rhodesian Ridgeback of magnificent stature and grace.  His dad’s blog from Monday was brief and to the point.  The title of the post said it all but as I opened the post to read it I was hoping against hope it was not what I thought it was. But it was; Eko  passed away suddenly this weekend without a known cause.

As Kali and Kloe finished their breakfast and came to lay down at my feet I sat there a little stunned.  Holly came into the room and gave me a morning kiss as is our routine and must have felt some emptiness because she said, “is everything alright?”  I said no and told her that Eko had passed away.  I got choked up because saying it out loud made it real and I became emotional.  I told her how silly it was for me to act this way when I didn’t even know this dog.  But she knew it wasn’t silly and so did I.

I can imagine what Eko’s family is going through because I’ve gone through it myself with Bailey several years ago.  All dog parents know that the day will come when one of their beloved pups will pass.  But knowing doesn’t make that day any easier especially when one day your best friend is healthy and vibrant and the next he or she is gone forever without any immediate reasons why.

I hugged my girls a little tighter as I got out of my chair to prepare to take Kali for her walk.       But this post is not about me.  This post is about Eko and how much I will miss reading about him and watching his muscular frame and graceful athletics in the occasional and wonderful videos posted on the blog.  But then again, I guess this post is just a little bit about me because I needed write it in order to go on with my day.  Eko’s family will eventually get on with their “day” one of these days.  I hope that day comes soon for them.

R.I.P. Eko from Mike, Holly, Kali, and Kloe.


This photo is used without permission.  I hope the owner will not mind as I post it as a tribute to Eko, a magnificent pup whom I will miss



The Pack


I am so sorry…. The friends we make on our blog are very real, so it is no wonder you feel the impact of Eko’s death. All of us dog lovers know how hard that is, and when you have a connection with the dog and it’s family, that makes it all the harder. Good for you that you are emotional about it; that shows that you care!

The tears are flowing again as I read your post. The initial news broke my heart. 💔 We were all stunned and sad at this terrible loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with Will and his family and I know like you, I’ve held on a little longer, squeezed a little tighter my own two pups. Thank you for sharing a sweet tribute to a ‘wagnificent’ Rhodesian Ridgeback who captured a special spot in our collective hearts and community. ღ

Hi Monika – yes this was a hard one to hear about. I think about this every day…. thanks or checking in on the post. BTW I didn’t know you had two pups. Did I miss something along the way?…

Far too many amazing pets have crossed the bridge lately and this one was particularly heartbreaking. We all felt like we were his ‘pawrents.’ Yes, I adopted a rescue/puppy mill standard girl 3 weeks ago. There have been a couple posts about the journey so far. 🙂

Congrats on the new pup! I’ve been so behind on both reading and posting blogs that I must have missed your posts about the new pup or maybe have not got that far down in my email yet. I’ll be digging around to get myself updated. I can’t remember if I was specific about Kloe our now 7 month old pup but she too was a puppy mill rescue.

I didn’t realize that! She’s light years more adjusted than Elsa but we’re working on it. Have been relying on Sam a lot to help her learn to be a dog. Could I be making a calculated mistake? 😉

R.I.P Eko. We never met, but clearly you were a very special dog and impacted many people with your life. What more could you have possibly wanted. I hope that, when my time comes, I will also have impacted many people just like you. Be happy in your new life my friend. Woof! Ray.

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