Reluctant Participant

We used to joke about our last Golden, Bailey, that he was more like cat than a dog.  He was scared of water, hated getting his feet wet, and  would rather sit on your lap than roll around on the grass or tromp through the mud.   My kids were still kids when Bailey, a rescue from NorCal Golden Retriever Rescue, joined our family.  At 18 months he was more like a kitty happily curling up with the kids on their beds, or with the cat Panda.

baileyMBM young

My son Michael Brandon and his “Birthday Present” Bailey at 5th grade show and tell



About 6 years later Bailey and Panda Cuddle Time

When Bailey passed seven years ago I never thought another dog could capture my heart and soul like Bailey did.  Although Bailey was technically my son’s dog as the years passed Bailey and I grew closer and closer together, especially after my son went away to college.  He was my best friend and I thought he could never be replaced.

And then there was, and is, Kali.

Kali, a lot like Bailey, jumped out to me in a picture on the internet and I immediately knew she belonged with Holly and I.  My search of shelters on the (fledgling) internet in 1998 when I was looking for a dog for my son came up with Bailey.  I immediately called the number and it all worked out.  Fast forward to Kali sixteen years later and as I looked at the newly posted photos on the Rescued Love From Taiwan‘s Facebook page, I saw Kali and in a nanosecond knew we were meant for each other.  I called to Holly, “Come here, I found our dog”.  Holly looked at Kali and immediately agreed.  We called and got first in line for Kali who would travel within a couple of months from Taiwan to our home in Northern California.

And Kali is a bit, or a lot depending on how I measure, like Bailey.  Part cat part dog.  Kali is totally indifferent to water with paws seemingly impervious to water and mud but not inclined to chase squirrels, birds, or cats.  She’ll sleep in a 90 degree sun but would rather be inside on the cool tile than digging a spot in the yards cool dirt to take a nap.  I love Kali for who and what she is but I can’t help but get her to be a little more like a “dog” once in a while.

I love seeing Kali roll around in the grass when we walk on the golf course fairways adjacent to our creek trail.  But mostly I love seeing her run, gallop really.  She’s not fast, she’s a little clumsy, and with her mellow demeanor she is sometimes a reluctant participant.  But when I tell her to chase the geese she does it because she loves me and wants to make me happy.  And this is the distinction that assures us she is a dog.  Because a cat would never chase geese especially if it was your idea.


Oh god how brilliant can you be? I loved the story of how you met Kali… Kali is basically name of an Indian Godess… Maybe you named her just like that but just wanted to share it with you…
Ps. Can you share the name of site from where you got her? My boyfriend is on the lookout for a dog for his family and I want to adopt a dog rather then buy one. please?

CatDog. Thoroughly familiar with this breed. Bing! displays many similar traits, and other than not using a litter box would pass for an ugly cat. ( I’m paraphrasing our black cat Harriet here. ) I don’t miss a having a bigger dog, Bing! has a big dog attitude and cat sensibilities. The best of both worlds. Kudos to you for rescuing and providing a safe, loving home. Cheers,

So glad you found Kali! And I used to have a dog that was more like a cat, too! It’s funny how dogs are such individuals, sort of like people that way.

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