Boring Home Videos

I remember years ago a friend showing me a video of their toddler getting a bath.  It was about 30 minutes of water, splashing, water, and then more splashing.  I thought to myself, “well this is quite boring”, while saying out loud, “how cute!..”  And of course, “videos” back in the day were quite blurry and low quality even when one would spring the extra buck or so for the “HQ” 60 minute video tape.

So with that mindset established this post is my daddy dog-owner version of a boring home video.  The good news is that these videos are comprised of less than one minute, slightly better quality than tape thanks to Mr. Jobs, and you’re not trapped in a living room in front of the TV with your friend asking, “hey – want see some videos of my kid?”

Kali had a recent unexpected visit from a couple of my friend’s dogs Jaynee (Piper’s sister) and Sadie.  This visit was much to Kali and Smokey’s surprise (how would they know, right?) and I was pleasantly surprised to see what good hosts they were.  After a couple of minutes of barking, posturing, and butt smelling the four of them got along swimmingly spending a couple of hours romping in the yard and exploring the house.

Kali doesn’t get a lot of doggie play time and now that she’s much more comfortable around other dogs I’m trying to find opportunities for her build on her socialization skills. So like any proud dad I diligently recorded a few moments of play time for posterity but mostly because it’s a lot easier these days to pull out a iPhone instead of a 20 pound VHS video camera who’s battery was usually dead when you needed it the most!

Roll tape….

Oh, and feel free to say in thinly veiled sarcasm, “how cute, wow, my dog never does that, your dog is the only dog to ever get a bath run around and play.   Don’t worry – you won’t hurt our feelings.



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