Seasons Of Love

12 Months, 52 weeks, 365 Days, 525,600 Minutes.  They all add up to one year. And what a year it’s been!

Exactly a year ago at this time we were anxiously awaiting our Golden Kali who was on a plane with 23 other rescues heading to America from Taiwan.  It had been about two months since we saw pictures of dogs “coming soon” on the Rescued Love From Taiwan Facebook page.   We immediately called the local rescue group organizer to express our interest in Kali.  I’m a fatalist and I believe this match was meant to be.

The picture that instantly won our hearts!

The picture that instantly won our hearts!

Our love affair with Kali started the moment we saw that photo and here I am a year later reflecting on the anticipation, the greeting at the airport, the first few days home, how Kali and I instantly bonded and how she immediately became part of our family as soon as her paws hit the ground at SFO.

This past week I’ve thought about how to “celebrate” her one year anniversary.  I’ve thought about making a huge deal with guests, a gaggle of gifts, and a doggie appropriate cake of some sort.  I also thought about doing absolutely nothing because, after all Kali is a dog and yesterday or last year have no context for her.  I thought about doing a photo retrospective here on her blog but I had a hard time selecting just 10 or 12 photos of the dozens and dozens I’ve taken since she arrived.  I even had a crazy idea of getting a tiara or party hat and taking some photos.  But that’s not my style and although Kali would have complied it’s not really her style either.

So what to do, right?  I mean Kali doesn’t care but I do. This is kind of a big deal for me. One year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days.  And then it became clear.

Rent was a rock musical written by Jonathan Larson that premiered on Broadway in the mid-90’s.  The production won critical acclaim and among many awards won a Tony for best musical.  The story line of Rent centers around young Bohemians struggling to survive in New York City’s East Village.  It’s a great show, with great music, and a compelling story that endears one to the struggles of the characters.  But there is one song that transcends the story line and that I believe has context and relevancy to wherever or whoever you are.  Rich or poor, young or old, struggling or successful.

So as I think about Kali’s one year anniversary and how best to celebrate I decided to  just having another day of love like the previous 365 or if you prefer to break it down in a smaller measurement, then 525, 600 minutes.    Because, after all, how do you measure a year in the life?

From Rent’s “Season Of Love”

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty five thousand moments, so dear
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

In daylights, in sunsets
In midnights, in cups of coffee
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife
In five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, a year in the life?

How about love?
How about love?
How about love?
Measure in love

Seasons of love


The Pack, Wagging Tales


Reblogged this on Golden Kali and commented:

Today is the three anniversary of when Kali arrived from Taiwan and rescued me. This is a re-post from two years ago after our first 365 days together.. Happy Anniversary Kali – I can’t remember or even imagine life without you!

A wonderful tribute and, although Kali has no concept of celebrations, she will have a wonderful concept of love and can detect an emotional response from “miles away”. I bet she loved the atmosphere around her anniversary. Congratulations to you both! 🙂

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