Celebrations Abound

Wow – it’s been almost three weeks since my last post.  It’s been a bit of a whirlwind during that time with professional demands greatly increased and my son’s wedding which took place last weekend.  So, great problems to have and while I’m am certainly not complaining I miss writing and reading with my blogging community.

Kali has been very patient during this busy period receiving much less attention from me, missed walks, and some extended periods staying home in the back yard on her own.  She doesn’t have separation anxiety and by all accounts settles down and probably mostly sleeps when we are out, but she sure is glad to see us when we arrive back home after being away for several hours.  And while it’s been hectic with lots of family in and out and increased activities at the homestead Kali took all that in stride and was a gracious canine host.  She met dozens of new people and charmed each and every one of them giving them an appropriate amount of attention when they first arrived at the house but then moved on to a comfortable spot to sleep or just observe the activity.

The night before the wedding we hosted the rehearsal dinner that included not only the wedding party but all out of town family members from both sides as well as close friends.  I was very proud of Kali who was very respectful of everyone even though there was a lot of food, great smells from the”taco truck” caterers, and “sympathetic” guests.  During the event Kali stayed by my side most of the time well aware that people food was off limits but the biscuits in my pocket would flow into her mouth if she behaved.  And of course she did.

But then there was the wedding day.  The wedding day did not include Kali even though I had (only half jokingly) pitched the idea to my son that Kali as Flower Girl could pull Smokey, as Ring Bearer, in a wagon with the rings hanging on a ribbon from Smokey’s mouth.

The prototype I pitched to my son.  Smokey would have been sitting in the wagon with the rings.

The prototype I pitched to my son. Smokey would have been sitting in the wagon with the rings.

I think Kali could have handled this and would have loved to have been part of our family’s special day!

So now the wedding is behind us, family has gone home, and Holly, Kali, and I once again have the house to ourselves.  Ahh… nice. Work will remain hectic so Kali will have less Dad time but more Mom time since Holly is off work for the summer.

But wait there’s more… Sunday marks one year of Kali arriving in America and joining our pack  How cool is that?  A wedding last week and an anniversary this coming week.

Celebrations abound.

My son Michael and his bride Katie at their wedding

My son Michael and his bride Katie at their wedding

Kali NOT at the wedding and pondering wagons.

Kali NOT at the wedding and pondering wagons and what could have been.


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