I think she can take them or leave them.  Mostly she leaves them but I wonder at times if Panda were still here would Kali warm up to him.  I think she would.

Panda was a cat who sometimes acted more like a dog than a cat which was fine with me because I’m not a cat person.  In his later years he would spend a lot of time in the backyard; usually late afternoon into the late evening. He’d emerge from under the bed where he spent most of the day sleeping and saunter downstairs and head outside.  He taught himself to open the screen door to the backyard (but never learned how to close it!).  With one or two exceptions he never seemed interested in leaving the yard and when Holly and I were ready to go to bed I would whistle and Panda would come running in.  I’m really  not a cat person but Panda turned out to be a great companion who I miss a lot.  Panda got very sick and we had to put him down about a year and half ago when he was twelve years old.

I miss Panda during the warm evenings outside when he would come and cozy up next to Holly or I as we sat and enjoyed the warm weather.  I especially miss him at night laying next to me on the bed when I can’t sleep.  I miss being able to put my hand on his chest and feel his breathing and the vibrations of his purring.  It would calm me and help to fall back to sleep.  Usually at some point in the early morning he would go downstairs to look out the window and make that crazy erie sound that cats make in their throat when they see something moving in the dark; usually another cat. I miss hearing that sound.  I miss him coming upstairs in the morning to greet me when I get up.  I would usually pick him up and roll him over in my arms and scratch his stomach and rub his nose.  He liked that a lot.

Panda and Bailey, who was a Golden mix, got along just fine and would regularly hang out together.  They both seemed to appreciate one another’s company even snuggling together from time to time.

Panda and Bailey checking out the action in the neighborhood

Panda and Bailey checking out the action in the neighborhood

Panda and Bailey snuggle time

Panda and Bailey snuggle time

Kali seems mostly indifferent to cats but I think she and Panda would have had a great relationship.  After all, like Kali, Panda was an awesome member of our Pack.

2010 spring garden 060

Patrolling the perimeter of the yard


One giant roar!


Enjoying the warmth of the sun with Bailey


The Pack


Like you, I’m not a kitty person but that was such a sweet story and I confess, that Panda was one good looking cat. Looks like the ‘pack’ was very harmonious-a cool bonus with dog/cat relationships. 🙂

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