Dog People

It’s interesting to see dog people and non-dog people.  They’re quite different in the way they greet you when you have a dog on the end of a leash.

A dog person begins watching you – the dog actually – from afar and as you get closer the person begins to smile and make eye contact with the dog.  They subconsciously hope that the dog will notice and acknowledge them.  With a little luck the owner will stop and allow the dog to greet them.  Their jackpot is a wagging tail, a doggie smile, and sloppy lick of the hand, or face if they are so bold as to get on their knees for the greeting (as I’m inclined to do).

A non-dog person shows indifference to the animal unless they’re scared or annoyed that the owner would bring the dog into the store or wherever the encounter occurred.  Or, perhaps they’ve observed too may unattended poops on their walking trail.  The non-dog person may make eye contact with the owner  briefly and some will even force a smile as to say, “yes, I see the dog and I see that you are so proud of the animal but I’m really not interested.  Good day and good luck”.

Neither is right or wrong.  I just happen to think that the non-dog person is missing out on an encounter or relationship that could (will!) enrich their lives forever.  Yes – I’m biased.  Yes – I’m a proud Papa.  Yes, we’re blessed to have Kali in our lives and us in hers.

Kali and I meet more dog people than non-dog people.  It’s a great feeling to have someone you’ve never met before approach you with a smile and say something like, “what a beautiful dog”, or ” I had a Golden and he/she was the best dog”.  Or, a small child’s (and watchful parent’s) eyes fix on Kali praying to meet and maybe pet her.  I think children are all born dog people.  What child doesn’t love a puppy or want to hug a dog, right?  So… this means that the non-dog people were once dog people but somewhere along the way they lost that magic.

The good news for the non-dog people is that the dog loves them just as much as the dog people.  Which of course is part of that unconditional love all us dog people know so well.

Road trip!  A happy Kali ready to go out and greet the world.

Road trip! A happy Kali ready to go out and greet the world.



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