Kali and I have had a lot of fun blogging since she landed in America on May 24, 2014.  Comments and “Likes” by followers have been encouraging and appreciated.  Reading some of your posts and learning about your experiences have been inspiring and motivating.  Thank you.

Kali’s nature and tendencies, OK – my nature and tendencies are to organize;  to put things in order.  I need a certain amount of structure in my life.  When I have it I am more creative, more effective, and happier.   With paper documents I tend to organize them in piles in my office until I’m sure I am finished with whatever needed to be done.  These are neat piles – not cluttered, I don’t like clutter.  They remain in view but off to the side so they are not forgotten and so that they are easily accessible.

Now for Golden Kali I have created virtual piles of our stories organized into categories.  While this structure should have little to no effect on readers of Golden Kali, it makes Kali and I… OK it makes me feel better to have some structure around Golden Kali posts.

The Word Press theme used for Golden Kali doesn’t provide multiple menus (maybe we’ll look for a more robust theme at some point but for now this is what we’re going with.  So, the “piles” will appear on the side-bar of the blog  in the section called “Dog Piles”.  (Off to the side so they are not forgotten).

Whether you shuffle through the piles or not please please keep reading and following this wonderful girl we call Golden Kali.


Tails From The Trail:  Kali and I walk almost every day along the trails near our home.  This pile includes posts about our walks, or inspired from our walks, along the trail, creeks, golf course, and throughout the surrounding neighborhood.

The Pack:  Our family is always stronger when we’re together.  As the saying goes, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  This has always been our family and since May 24, 2014 Kali has been one of those parts and the whole is even stronger because of her.  This pile has posts about our family; our “Pack”.

Wagging Tales: A commen misconception is that just because a dog’s tail is wagging that she is happy.  A wagging tail can mean a lot of things.   But this blog is not about science so this pile will be for  posts about experiences and events that make Kali or other members of the pack happy and feel good.

Woof!:  Occasionally there are events, experiences, or interactions where it is best described with a cartoon thought bubble over my head or Kali’s that have “?!?”,  or #!&%@*,  or “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”.   This pile will include the Woofs we experience along the way.

“Micro-Chips”:  From time to time I come across content from other bloggers, websites, or news feeds, etc. that interest me and may interest some of you.  The Micro-Chips pile may be re-posts of other bloggers, a picture, a link, or just a brief thought inspired by Kali’s new life in America.

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