Life With The Red Girls

It’s been almost a year since Kali crossed over the bridge. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her, reminisce, or just flat out miss her. I find myself looking at photos of her more often and for longer periods of time. I’m finding that the longer she is gone the more I miss her. I long for her smell. I miss our nightly cuddles before lights out. Full disclosure: Kali was a great “spooner” and I miss spooning with her as she lay on the floor at the foot of our bed! I miss the subtleties of her body movement. Like when I’d call her. Her eyes would fix on mine and then her head would tilt slightly down and to the left as she started walking towards me.

Even in her final days, which were spent mostly sleeping, Kali was up for spending the morning with me in my office which is located across the driveway from the house. As I headed towards the door she seemed almost puppy-like following me out and galloping towards my office sometimes skidding and slipping making a soft landing near the door. As I walked towards her she would look up from a spread eagle position seeming to say, “Oops, I slipped”. This always made me laugh out loud and my heart swelled with love to see her so animated. I have so many fond and funny memories it would be impossible to enumerate them. But this one would be towards the top of the list!

I feel the absence of Kali’s presence some days more than others. Although Holly loved her deeply I don’t think she feels the loss in the same way I do. How could she? Kali was “my dog” and was always with me. She was always at my feet. Even when I wasn’t home she was with me laying by the door that I went through when I left expecting me to return through that same door. And when I did she’d be there waiting. Kali’s level of dedication was unwavering and humbling. I wrote a post about this a year after Kali joined the pack. It spoke of a real life dog named Hachiko and how like him Kali would probably wait forever for me to come home.

When Kali passed, the sub-title of this blog became “Life At The Golden K Without Kali”. Life has gone without Kali. She will always be special and this blog will always be her legacy. She inspired this blog the day after she arrived from Taiwan in 2014 and went on to inspire me in so many ways. Our home is Tuolumne is called The Golden K for Kali initially and then later to include her two sisters Kloe and Koda. But life has also gone on with Kloe and Koda, our “Red Girls”. The Golden K torch was passed down from Kali when she crossed the bridge. Kloe and Koda are learning to be good stewards of Kali’s legacy. And like me they each learned a lot from her!

But recently I realized that after almost a year without Kali it’s time to look back less and forward more often. Posting about Kali over the past year has been cathartic. She will never ever be forgotten or have any less of my heart or mind. But it is with a nod to Kloe and Koda that the sub-title of this blog will now be, “Life With The Red Girls”. There will certainly be more posts about Kali in the future. But this is the time of the Red Girls and that will be the focus of future posts. After all, they are pretty darn special too!

One of my favorite photos of my Golden Kali!
The Red Girls, Kloe and Koda


I think all dogs leave a big hole in our lives when they die, but certain dogs….the ones who really touch our soul…..leave a much bigger one. Kali was one of those dogs. (Thank God you rescued her!) But after a while, it is time to focus more on the dogs that are still with us, and it sounds as if you are ready to make that shift. It doesn’t mean you miss Kali less, it’s just the natural progression of life. And I’m betting that if Kali could, she’d tell you that’s it’s okay, too!

Very pleased to read this Post Michael. As you note so very clearly, one has to move on at some point after such a loss, and moving on takes nothing away from the past. In fact moving on in these circumstances, at least in my mind, honors Kali so much.

The question arises “If Kali is looking down at the world she left behind, what would she want to see?”

There is no doubt that she would want exactly what you are doing. Relishing in fond memories of her, but moving forward with the “Red Girls.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, when we leave this life, the people we leave behind treat us in the same manner!

Oh, these dogs. I have not had a golden but the relationship is the same. Scout left me suddenly and not a day goes by where I don’t miss him. But we open our arms to other dogs who need us and never forget the ones who have been part of us before.

Each of our dogs – Goldens or not – holds a special place in our heart. Sometimes, though, that one extra special dog with whom we have a soul-to-soul connection comes into our life to teach us about love and leaves to teach us about loss. For you it was Kali; for me it was Ducky. And we both must go forward without the physical presence of our soulmate. They would want us to go on, no matter how much it hurts at times. They are always with us in our hearts, and they’re watching over us and their siblings who are still with us. So now it’s time for you to post about Kloe and Koda, and time for me to blog more about Zen.

While I started “In My Heart 4Ever” in honor of my Callie, and mostly continued posting about Shadow in “My Golden Life”, I came to realize that each of my fur babies would always be in my heart. So, I mostly retired My Golden Life. And while Zen is very much with me physically now, one day that will change. And he very much owns a piece of my heart just as his angel sisters and brothers always have.

So, here’s to your “Red Girls” and to my Golden Boy! 🥂🥂

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