California Burns

I’ve been trying to post all week and each time I’ve attempted to I find myself for a loss of words.   Well, at least a loss of significant words.

Many thriving communities have been devastated by the numerous wildfires throughout California.  Musing about Kali’s latest adventure or Kloe’s enthusiastic antics are insignificant when compared to the total devastation of  once thriving communities.   Posting  a cute picture of my pups romping around the homestead or cuddling before bed feels like an inappropriate action to take while the news in the background reports stories of people who lost their home or worse, their life.

The Golden K is over a hundred and fifty miles away from the fires raging in Sonoma and Napa counties so we are quite safe, at least from these fires.  I have many friends and colleagues that have been affected in these beautiful wine country towns and cities scattered throughout those counties.  Many evacuated early in the week and the fate of their homes is still in question. Some already know that their home is gone.

The winds have died down in Sonoma and Napa and finally there is some containment in these fires that have scorched over 150,000 acres which translates into 234 square miles.  To put that in perspective the area burned in those counties is greater than the size of San Jose, Denver, and New Orleans or Chicago (to pick just a few major cities).


So I sit here and write with Kali safely asleep and my heart breaks thinking about the lost, confused, and scared pets and live stock who are affected.  Surely many have died as a result of the fires.   My closest friend and family who live a few miles away from Santa Rosa were able to return to their home today.  They are out of danger.  For that I am very thankful. But am keenly aware of the fact that thousands upon thousands of others have no home to return to and worse, some lost their lives trying to escape danger in a fateful early morning of Monday October 9.

This week many of us in the Golden State, especially those who are directly affected, are reminded of what we already knew:  most possessions, even a home, can be replaced.  But a life cannot.

Our heartfelt prayers to all of California from Kali, Kloe, Holly, and Michael.  Alive,  safe, and grateful for our blessings at The Golden K.



Golden Retriever, Home


I can see why you would have such a hard time coming up with a post when you live so close to the fires! It’s just devastating to think of the destruction and loss, and I can’t begin to imagine the heartbreak. I’ve been thinking about all the lives affected…human and animal…since I first heard the news. I’m so, so, sorry.

No one saw this coming and it overwhelmed local and state resources especially with so many major fires occurring up and down the state. Good news today that many of the NorCal fires are finally getting good containment.

Vince’s ex-wife ( who I met when I was 18 and still remain very close with, more like sister now ), evacuated last Tuesday. Her and her husband have a beautiful home just north of Sonoma in the tiny town of Kenwood. While I was down taking care of my mom for those 565 days I spent a tremendous amount of time all through out the valley on many of my days off. I stopped off at the Whole Foods and picked up the fixin’s and they pair the wines – Cath having been in the industry for 38 years, and Jerry having loved wine way before he moved to his little hamlet some twenty years ago. My time spent with family there was precious, it’s what got me through being away for my family for so long. I am saddened beyond measure at the loss and grief. It will take years for the land to recover, in addition, the service industry and low income migrant workforce that makes it possible for us to drink and appreciate their efforts will be displaced without homes and jobs. Even though Cath and Jer’s home may still be standing come Monday, the community will forever be changed. Stay safe my friend, take measures to secure your new mountain home and may you never see an embe or flame lost to the wind.

Thanks Marty. The devastation is overwhelming. My family spent countless weekends in the SR neighborhood of Coffey with very close friends when our kids were young. The community was on the tip of the firestorm and flattened. They’ve lived in nervy Windsor for many years and are as of today safe. Knowing that ‘hood and seeing the photos of it flattened and blackened has hit very close to home. Since earlier this summer and a few larger fires close to us I’ve spent much of my free time clearing brush and creating the CalFire prescribed defensible space. It’s a work of love but the danger of living in. Forest is never lost on me. What a freaking crazy and horrific two months it has been for ‘Murika’. Take care!

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