A Much Belated Post

Thinking back on almost three years of posts, one of the first posts for this Golden Kali blog should have been a link to this wonderful video that shows Kali and 23 other Goldens at the airport in Taiwan preparing for their journey to America.

The video is beautifully done and starts with Kali and Team arriving at the airport, waiting with their caregivers in the terminal, and finally getting into their crates and heading down the moving ramp to be loaded into the plane.

This video, for me, is very moving and after all this time I still get choked up watching it (which I do often).

Kali:  Dad, blog posts are for reading.  No one wants to watch a video of me and my 23 cargo mates.

Me: I know Kali.  And they don’t have to if they don’t want to.

But just in case you do, here’s the link.

p.s.  thanks to all the volunteers at Taiwan Pawprint Dog-Friendly Society (TPDS), Rescued Love From Taiwan, and True Love Rescue for all the work they do match loving Goldens with families like mine in Northern California.


Tell Kali that it’s okay to have a link to a video in a blog, especially one that explains the origin of the blog. I don’t blame you for getting choked up! That kind of rescue (real rescue, not just I went to a shelter and adopted a dog) is touching and emotional. I’ll never forget when I attended the one-year anniversary celebration of what we called “The Missouri 500”, which was when the humane society rescued more than 500 pit bulls from professional dog-fighting rings. It was one of the largest-scale rescues of the sort that had ever done, and was incredibly complex (they had to houses the dogs in a hidden warehouse, for their own safety, until the court case was over). They showed a video of the rescue and some of the dogs, before and after, during the celebration, and I’m telling you, staff members were just sobbing…. And these are people who see awful stuff in the course of their jobs every single day and don’t let their emotions show.
I’m off to take my mom to lunch now, but I’m watching that video as soon as I get back. I want to see where Kali came from…

Okay, I ran the risk of being late to lunch and watched it anyway. So touching to see how much the handlers cared! Which one was Kali? I saw the names of a few of the dogs, but not hers. And it seemed like the last two crates had other breeds in them. Were they rescue dogs too?

Thanks for your interest and support Ann. Kali is homered that you risked being late for lunch to see her and those other golden beauties. Kali’s name as a rescue in Taiwan was Nala and yes she is shown numerous times and it was hard foe me at first to pick her out but now after all this time it’s easy. The last couple of dogs were rescues but not goldens. The majority of rescues are goldens but there are other breeds once in a while. These caregiver volunteers at the rescue group in Taiwan are angels. They so caring and loving it is really something. Like the pit bulls you mentioned some of the dogs are sick, injured, malnutrition , etc. and they are nursed back to health and happiness and matched with families usually before they come over. I feel blessed to be a small part of this wonderful dynamic.

Lots of Golden tail wags and smiles in that video. Makes you wonder what those pups thought as they were going up the ramp in their crates, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing even if late. It made me smile. 💗

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