Snow Bunnies

The “girls” got their first taste of snow on Sunday.

I actually had a preview at about 3:30 am when I got up for a drink of water and looked out the window to see snow flurries floating down.  There is a small irony in the fact that something freezing can warm your heart…  I went back to bed anticipating an early morning blanket of ice and snow on the ground.When I got up with the girls about 6:30 I wasn’t disappointed.

The sun was rising and our five acres of heaven never looked more beautiful.  The patchwork of snow on the ground was only slightly over shadowed in beauty by the pine and cedar branches delicately balancing glistening snow and ice in the morning sun.

Holly and I sat and drank coffee looking out the windows at the christening of snow on our new treasure we call the Golden K.  For most of the morning Kali and Kloe – mostly Kloe – were restless and wondered why we didn’t let them outside to explore the “Winter-land”.  So at noon we went for a walk around our neighborhood to give the girls a little exercise and to savor this dusting of snow before it all melted.  It was great fun to watch the girls as they experienced snow for the first time. The personalities of Kali and Kloe were in full display as we walked along the snow spotted roads near the Golden K.

Kali who prances under normal circumstances seemed even more animated as she navigated the slippery ground and got used to ice under her feet.  She methodically followed her nose along the snow and ice on the roadside probably wondering why the normal smells were not as vibrant being covered by a layer of snow.  Kloe tugged a little more than usual and was very excited to finally be outside.  She stopped every few feet to gobble down a bite of snow.

We walked, talked, and and gave thanks as we took in the beautiful sights of snow covered pastures, creeks running crisply with the melted snow, but mostly watching Kloe as she realized she could use her body as a snowboard.  She would  throw her body down on the ground and slide for as long as the leash would allow her and then get up with wild eyes and do it again.  Holly and I were in hysterics and I think even Kali got a laugh or two out of her sisters antics.

It was a great day and a wonderful way to wrap our holiday weekend walking with our two “snow bunnies” who we are so thankful for.

Never too cold for a little training and TREATS!


Trying to look stoic after a belly flop and slide



The only thing better than waking up to the beauty of a new snowfall is watching dogs play in the snow! And it must have been extra fun if it was the first time your girls got to experience it. There’s something about snow that brings out the playfulness in dogs.

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