Farewell to the Creek Trail

It was the best of times it was the worst of times.  Wait I’m not Charles Dickens and for Kali and I it was only the best of times.  But in a way it is the tale of two cities, or towns as the case may be…

As it got closer to the day we would move I couldn’t help but think about the all the walks Kali and took along the creek trail that led to the duck pond.  We’d made that walk hundreds of times during the past two years.  And now we were taking our last walk along what had become a very special place to both of us.

We’d walk in 90 degrees and in 30 degrees; cloudy, sunny, and sometimes raining.  Almost every day we were out along the creek trail and knew it like the back of Kali’s paw.  We had long conversations, occasional disagreements, and sometimes we just walked in silence enjoying the sights, smells and each other’s company.  It was and is a relationship that transcends words.  A relationship that is about emotions and security.  A relatiohship that I value as much as even those most precious relationships with family and friends.

Our last walk along the creek trail was the day before the moving trucks arrived at our home in Livemore to take all our possessions to our new home in the mountains.  It was very melancholy.  The walk started out like any other:  Kali pooping as soon as we hit the trail, Kali smelling the same spots along the trail, and then peeing next to her favorite pee bush.   But by the time we reached the duck pond I became melancholy; perhaps even a little sad.  We stood at the pond in silence taking in the sights and sounds. There were so many things to do at home to get ready of the move and I was conflicted.  I didn’t want to leave our special spot but I knew there was way too much to do at home.  We stayed for anther few minutes,  I looked at Kali, gave her a hug and a kiss on the side of her snout and we headed back home for the last time.

Now in reflection as I sit here under the pines and oaks I know that that last walk home was not the end but the start.  A new start to a new adventure.  Kali, Holly, Kloe, and I.  There are not three other mammals I’d rather be on this journey with.

Thanks to the Creek Trail.  Thanks to the Duck Pond.  But mostly, thanks Kali for the opportunity to be on this journey with you.

We paused to reflect on the past two years and then moved onto the next phase of Golden Kali’s New Life In The Mountains






I’ve always thought that the hardest part of moving isn’t all the packing (although that’s not picnic), but rather leaving behind a familiar and much-loved home.

Thanks Monika. It’s a little crazy at “my age” to take on a fairly new world and lifestyle but I am determined to demonstrate that this “old dog” can learn new tricks.

Well Mike …. making a grand assumption that we are not that far apart in age, then I have total faith in your abilities in the “new world”! You can do so many quirky things now (and explain it away as “just age”), that you probably would never have done 30 + years ago! Aging = progressively more freedom! Why else would this “pensioner” (moi!) take on his first rescue dog, and Ray at that, at 66? 🙂

Your story is interesting because you were living there for such a long time. Kali has been living with you for such a short time but yet appears to have initiated the move. Perhaps I have misunderstood something, but it seems to me to be an incongruous set of circumstances.

Then I think of our beloved Ray, and the changes that our lives took when he moved in… and it all suddenly makes perfect sense. Ray has become such an integral part of our lives, as Kali has with you “guys” that, not only does your move make perfect sense, but it also seems to be the most natural thing you could have done!

I will wish you all the best in your new home but, while the thought is there, my wishes are really not necessary because you are with the three other beings that are important to you! Looking forward to hearing how everybody settles in to the new geography!

Hi Colin. I guess in some ways Kali coming into our lives has caused me to pause and be more reflective over the past two years. So I guess you could say she had some influence on our decision to make this big move. It is through that reflection that I felt it was time to get on to the next phase of our lives and living in the mountains has always been a dream of mine.

Thanks for your well wishes. We hope to post more often as we get settled.

As there are so many parallels between Kali and Ray, I shall look forward to hearing all about your “new world”! Take care.

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