My Security Detail

We’ve seen it in movies and television or maybe even in real life. I did see it in real life one time when I was in Pentagon City located just outside Washington DC. I was at a leadership conference at the Ritz Carlton when out of nowhere a number of secret service agents appeared and lined the staircase leading down to the lobby. It must have been a high-ranking politician or foreign dignitary who then cruised through the lobby with aids in tow. The VIP exited the building, entered a limo, and sped off escorted by several black unmarked SUV’s and a battalion of motorcycle police. His security detail kept him safe although no threats appeared to be evident to this observer.

And so it is with my canine security detail. Kali and Smokey seem to always have my back. When I sit they sit, but with watchful eyes. When I get up they get up; Smokey looking towards where I may be going, Kali keeping a watchful eye on me as I move forward.

It’s most striking when I go out to the backyard (dangerous and unknown) from inside the house (safe and controlled). Smokey is the advance agent. As soon as the door opens he shoots out and does a lightening speed circle around the yard seemingly to secure the perimeter and contain any potential “perps” like squirrels, blue jays, or neighbor pets who may have strayed too close to the fence line. Agent Kali remains stoically by my side, her eyes always fixed on me. She only moves when I move. At 56 lbs. – Smokey 10 lbs. – Kali is best equipped to protect me should any of the critters somehow slip through the perimeter that Smokey set up.

Once outside in the yard Smokey maintains his presence along the permitter and Kali stays by me. They make eye contact regularly and, only when they are both confident that no threats exist for me – the VIP, do they relax and sit or lie.

Agent Smokey and Agent Kali watching over their VIP Dad

Agent Smokey and Agent Kali watching over their VIP Dad

Sometimes I feel bad if I stand up because then so do they – my canine security detail comes to attention and goes into action. Doggie eyes fixed on my next move, Smokey seems to woof quietly into his paw to in order to alert the larger team outside the compound that “Dad” is again on the move. The best part: Kali never leaves my side. Alert and watchful she’s always next to me rarely complaining and always ready to jump on me and take a bullet if necessary.

When I sleep they sleep. When I work they sleep. When I relax they sleep. Or so it seems… because as soon as Dad gets on the move so do they springing into action to make sure that Dad is escorted, safe, and protected.

I never thought I would have a Security Detail. But I do. And whether any real or imagined threats exist doesn’t matter. I love these guys and I trust them to take care of me.


The Pack

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