Our Marley Moment

It happened in a  flash of speed and might.  It caught me by total surprise.  I gasped, I scolded, and then we laughed.  Well, I didn’t laugh right away but my buddy Marty did.  I apologized and Marty laughed some more.  “Mike, it’s only wood” he said.

Holly, Kali and I had driven up that morning for an overnight visit with our friends Marty and Jen at their vacation home in Pine Mountain Lake, CA.  Although it was only a two hour drive it was the longest car trip with Kali we had taken, we would be staying overnight, and there would be another dog.  In this vacation and retirement community there are no fences separating properties so Kali would need to be tethered most of the time we were at the house.  I was a little anxious.  I wanted Kali to be a respectful guest and I wanted her to begin experiencing new and fun things away from home.  Selfishly, I was hoping she would be the perfect dog I envisioned when I began thinking about adopting many months ago.  So yes, I was anxious but optimistic.  And so was Kali.

Kali did great in the car – I wasn’t surprised. She’s a great passenger.  We had put her crate in the back of the SUV but she quickly exited and came up behind us to be close even though it was less comfortable.  Kali likes to be near us and that’s just fine with me.  We arrived at the house and were greeted by Marty, Jen, and Sadie.  Sadie, like Kali, is a sweet girl; slightly smaller and just as pretty.  They had met once before and it hadn’t gone so well because of Kali’s anxiety with other dogs (we’re working on that and she’s getting better).  Much to my pleasant surprise they quickly adjusted and Kali settled in.

We spent much of the afternoon exploring the beautiful lake property – the four humans in the front of our SUV and the two dogs in the back.  When we arrived back at the house the dogs got water and the humans got beer and wine.  Right?…  Dogs seem to love the latter part of the day when the sun begins to go down, they’ve been fed, and – like a lot of humans after a great day and meal – they can just chill and reflect on their blessings.

Kali and me cooling off at Pine Mountain Lake

Kali and me cooling off at Pine Mountain Lake

And so we did. The six of us hanging out watching the sun go down and relaxing in the warm evening weather.

Marty keeps Sadie tethered with a cable that’s attached to a hook that’s screwed into the molding on the side of the house.   The cable is light enough to be comfortable for Sadie and strong enough to keep her safe.  It’s long enough to give her full access to the garage, driveway and surrounding yard without putting her in harms way.  Sadie has adapted to this very well.  And so did Kali.

Then it happened.  The feat of strength.  The moment when the dog aura says “don’t underestimate my resolve”.  The Marley Moment.  

A neighbor walked by with their Golden, Jack.  Marty walked to the edge of the driveway to say hi.  Kali followed – with, let’s say “passion”.  Except the tether was too short (as designed) to get to the street.   Off in a flash she pulled the cable, the hook and a piece of the  house  with her.  A piece of the house.  My friend’s house.  Barking with tail wagging the entire way.

Marty laughed.   The neighbors smiled stating the obvious, “well, at least you know she is very strong”.

At first I thought she had pulled the hook out but upon closer examination of the situation I saw a four foot piece of siding dragging behind her into the street.

Me (sightly embarrassed): Wow Marty – I’m really sorry.

Marty:  “Mike, it’s only wood”.

Me – “Yeah but, well…..”

Kali:  “WOOF”  (Thought bubble over her head that says, “WOOF”).

Sadie: “That was pretty cool”. (Thought bubble over her head that says “that was pretty cool).

Me: “More wine!”




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