Cheez-It, Dogs, and Dishwashers

Buying appliances can be a long endeavor with so many models, features, brands, and price ranges.  I’m always reminded when shopping for things of something my friend Bob, said a few years ago.  He said, “Mike – you can’t just go by Cheez-It any more.  There’s low fat Cheez-It, wheat Cheez-It, low sodium, white cheese, spicy, etc.  You can’t just go and buy Cheez-Its any more.”  And Bob was and is right.  It’s that way with everything.  We live in a world with infinite choices.  I’m not complaining, just saying’…

So there we were at Lowe’s shopping for dishwashers.  Holly, me, Kali, and Kloe.  Full disclosure – Holly had done the research on what we might want before our trek to Lowe’s but we still had questions and knew that if we chose to buy there it would take some time.

We spent about 45 minutes looking at dishwashers, getting our questions answered, making the decision, and going through the purchase process about delivery information, extended warranty details,  installation, etc.  Throughout the entire process our girls – Kloe and Kali- were so patient laying on the ground next to us and charming all the shoppers who passed by.  Yes, there were some treats involved every now and then.  Occasionally Kali would let out a short bark to get my attention and remind me that there were treats in my pocket.  And once or twice Kloe stood up and repositioned herself in a way that she tied Holly’s legs up in a square knot.

But all in all our girls were so well behaved for such an extended period of time you would have thought they had been promised filet mignon for dinner.  But there were no steaks offered.  There were no brand new squeaky toys.  There were just a few biscuits and our sweet girls lying by mom an dad’s feet while we purchased a box of Cheez-it Dishwasher.


Too many choices:  you can’t just go and buy a box of Cheez-It these days.